I run my business like I coach football. When I’m away from the football field I spend my time running a web development company. When I’m on the football field I enjoy the strategy of the X’s and O’s much like I enjoy the technicalities of software development. However, being a software developer is very different than running a development company — much like being a football player is different than coaching a football team.

Today at work I fired a client. It was the first time I’ve ever done such a thing. I noticed I felt the same mixed…

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I used to be a stockbroker on Wall St. New York wasn’t the first time I cut my teeth in the sales world, but it certainly upped the volume, giving me a lot more practice. These days I spend most of my time studying business workflow and designing software to improve it.

I see myself as an agent of change, and most people don’t like change. This is because they understand their current circumstance, and a new one is a complete unknown. …

This is encouraging as I build a productivity app for small businesses. I started almost 3 years ago, looked into investors, and bringing on a marketing firm as a partner. Investors always wanted to have the power to help design the product and the marketing firm ended up sharing one or two of my ideas with a huge competitor in the SE.

What I've learned in my journey so far is the best products aren't built by committee but rather a community of customers, and I keep hearing inspirational stories like these that help me when I'm lost in the weeds.

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In my spare time, I have always been a creator. I have dabbled in many things over the years but screenwriting is one of those I come back to again and again.

Sadly no, I have never sold any of my own writing, but I’ve been close a few times. However, as I write here on Medium, mostly about digital marketing and digital transformation, there are crossovers between writing great articles and telling stories.

This article will give you some techniques to up your game when it comes to writing articles (or screenplays for that matter). There is a link…

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If you’re like most people reading this article, you only use one-third of the internet. A lot of us spend our lives traversing different forms of digital communication on the internet. Emails, social media platforms, content creation, and consumption in the form of video, writing, audio, or photography and graphics.

While they take up most of everyone’s day, these forms of communication only represent 33% of the internet’s capabilities. If you think of the internet like a giant computer console, this 33% is just the UI.

Ghulam Rasool at dribbble.com

Every product, tech or otherwise, needs to answer 3 questions:

  1. Who’s it for?
  2. What’s it do?
  3. How are you going to do it?

These three questions are distilled from the 13 key questions in Seth Godin’s book “Purple Cow”.

But wait a second, this article is about how to create a SaaS product, lets get into the code! Why are you starting with marketing? These three questions aren’t exactly marketing, they sit more at the intersection known as product-market fit. …

Ninai Freitas at Dribbble.com

Last year 53% of all web traffic was created from a mobile device. You may be reading this article on a mobile device right now. But mobile technology has inadvertently created a problem.

If you own a website for a business or a personal project, you may have noticed that it’s difficult to create original content from your mobile device. Let’s be clear… original content, not recycled content such as images from Pixabay.

Many attempt it, but the impact and functionality are often substandard. That’s because, at least at our current point in history, mobile devices are built primarily for…

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Have you been on a video conference lately?

I bet you have, and if you’re like most people… it’s getting a little tiring. A new phenomenon has occurred since the pandemic and it’s just as pervasive as COVID, it’s called “zoom fatigue”.

Zoom fatigue is caused by participants staring at a screen, waiting to speak, in one meeting after another all day long. There is no more banter, no more side chat, we’ve all been forced into sterilized conversations with brief moments to insert your own sound bite. …

Interesting article. You touched on some of the things I've experienced as we build a SaaS platform.

I agree with Casen's comment. Terrific article. I'm currently developing an ERP SaSS product for SMEs, and have been slowly validating as we go along. I've never done anything like this before. While I get good feedback from my Betas as we build, I strangely get almost zero feedback from potential investors. Makes me concerned that I've missed a trick. I shall read your other articles. Please keep sharing.

Martin Knapp

A Wall St. business analyst turned web developer, I create better workflows for businesses with software. #startup #UX #UI #tech #softwaredevelopment

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