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How The Israeli-Palestinian War Could Get Out of Control

There is a wider war brewing in the Gaza conflict

Martin Knapp
4 min readNov 1, 2023


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I was discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with my partner last night. Not in the way you think, but in terms of what the heck I should write about. Most of my articles deal with Geopolitics and Conflict and it feels remiss not to address some parts of the conflict.

I spent almost a full year of full-time study on the formation of Israel and the history of these conflicts during my Masters degree. All I can say is, it is far too nuanced of a history that has led up to our current moment, a moment that is nothing but a cold harsh reality for all involved. I’m far too connected to it through my personal studies and through family history to provide an objective view for followers of my articles.

With so many voices lending both informed and uninformed opinions and perspectives, it doesn’t seem like adding another voice would be of any help.

I can however, address the question of a wider conflict.

How could the conflict grow?

The biggest guns in the room are without a doubt the United States. Within a few days the U.S. moved two carrier strike groups…



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